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In just a couple minutes I’m going to reveal the three major factors that control a woman’s sex life. But before I do that, there are 5 basic KEY things that we learned in the past few years that allowed us to even begin
this project.

If you are already familiar with the attraction code, this will be an ideal refresher course:

1. Women are genetically programmed to seek out the ONE dominant high status male in any social group, and mate with him.

There are many evolutionary reasons for this, but the important thing to know is she will feel attraction to the ONE dominant guy in any social group – but she may interact in many different social groups – thus she will have many different mates throughout her lifetime.

What that basically means is say she’s got a study group. And there are a couple guys, and a couple girls. If she spends significant time with that group – say 10 hours or more, she will naturally become attracted to the one dominant guy in that context. And then let’s say she has a group of friends she goes out with every Friday night to the club. Again she’ll be attracted to the one dominant guy in that group as well.

This is a general rule, and as we see later, this rule is not valid with all women. But basically – it’s the idea of alpha male. That’s why you will often see guys off the street – who have no training – acting like alpha male assholes – pushing their friends around and pretending not to give a shit.

What’s they don’t realize is that not only does this come across as insecurity, but also that only certain types of women respond to that real masculine dominance and others don’t. So it is not foolproof.

2. Most women are extremely fearful of being judged as a slut.

It carries with it HUGE social consequences. Most people know this to some degree – which women don’t want to be judged as sluts, but they don’t understand how sensitive the issue really is, and how even small details of your interaction can lead to her perceiving this.

They are scared of being judged by their friends, other guys, the public, and most importantly YOU. That is one that many men miss. They believe that their interest and desire for her relieves this fear – but trust me – it does not. It is a huge objection not only to having sex with a guy – both too soon, or even if lots of time has passed – but is also the main reason why she rejects so many advances. In her mind, it is ok for her to flirt her ass off with a guy – but if he makes one wrong move at the wrong time – its game over.

3. 95% of all women have experienced SOME LEVEL of sexual trauma in their past.

It could be recent or it could be from a long time ago. It could be as small as something like trying to work out at a gym but guys keep staring at her boobs (why do you think they have gyms just for women) or as significant as full out sexual assault or rape.

Most of the time it is someone she knew, someone very close to her or a stranger. I was shocked by this – because as guys – it’s not something we ever really worry about – unless we’ve been in prison or something similar. But women have a very different daily experience than men, and we MUST take that into consideration. They are smaller, weaker, and 100x less aggressive than the average man.

The same feelings YOU would feel living in a prison with rapists and murders is sometimes experienced by women on a daily basis. And they have developed very sophisticated mental protection mechanisms to deal with this. A lot of this program will teach you exactly how to disarm those mechanisms. How women deal with these experiences mentally is of extreme importance in the model.

4. We live in a MALE DOMINATED SOCIETY and there is immense pressure for women to fit in.

Most people in politics are men. Most bosses of businesses are men. Men are the leaders and the heads of households. Up until the 60’s women did not even leave the house to work normal jobs
– they were housewives. There is a STRONG movement for women to play the same roles as men right now, and it is being positioned as EQUALITY.

Yes from one perspective it shows equality, but let’s not forget the millions of years of evolution where women were playing completely opposite, but complimentary roles. We are still in somewhat of a transition period in time where women have a range of conflicting pressures, regarding the best way to live their live, and even when women are comparatively young at even 18, 19 or 20 they must make decisions that could affect all of their future.

5. Women love sex, NEED sex and experience MORE physical pleasure from sex as men.

There have been many studies to verify this, not that you need one just watches how much control a women loses when she has an orgasm compared to a man. There are also two psychological elements to this as well.

First, because having sex with a new guy is considered so much more taboo for women than it is for men – I mean men are considered STUDS the more sex they have by their friends – because of that difference, there is an additional excitement and rush that comes with it for women.

Second – biologically the stakes are much higher. If a guy has sex – he reloads in minutes and is ready to go again. He can mate with hundreds or thousands of women a year – however a WOMAN can only be pregnant ONCE per year – technically its nine months – but because with a higher risk comes a higher reward. Women DO want sex, but there are certain criteria that must be met. And satisfying those criteria is different depending on her character type.

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