Conversational Mastery (for All 8 Types of Women)


I. Universal conversation fundamentals

Emotion over logic

Men and women communicate in different ways, because they have different reasons for why they are communicating. Since men and women play different roles in sexual relationships, and sex is the foundation of underlying romantic relationships, it makes since that women would be looking for different things in men, then men look for in women. The same is true when it comes to conversation.

Men tend to focus on informational sharing, persuasion, and problem solving. Because of this, men tend to focus on facts, observable and provable. But women tend to focus on empathy – on emotional understandings. Women

are more interested in exploring ideas and feelings, and sharing emotions – positive or negative.

This is why it can be difficult, even frustrating, for men to talk to women. There doesn’t seem to be any goal or purpose, and the conversation seems to go on and on, or falters awkwardly if the man is incapable of shifting to a more emotion-based mindset.

The good news is that men and women have a lot in common as well – we are both humans, and our needs aren’t that much different. More so, men can use a structured, goal-oriented approach to satisfying the emotional needs women have in conversations. We can make the “non-goal” a goal in itself with the proper understandings.

Relating over problem solving

We could say that the biggest difference between men and women, conversa- tionally, is that men are more concerned with competition and asserting status, while women are more focused on empathy and exploring emotions.

As men, we can understand how women think because we do it with our very best friends. The way you interact with your closest friends is the way women prefer to interact all the time. Think about how you converse with your buds, alternating between joking and ribbing each other, listening intently and shar- ing your deepest thoughts, hopes and fears, and even the moments of comfort- able silence – this is what you should do with women you just met.

This is the way charming men interact with people – they are uncensored and unafraid to show vulnerability because they are secure in themselves, and know that we can all relate. They like to joke and play with others, making fun of themselves as much as anyone else. And they know how to relax and let go of needing to say anything – just making small talk is fine, or not talking at all is sometimes the best way to demonstrate a connection.

Inner Process Statements and Questions

There are two fundamental elements of a conversation – statements and ques- tions. Duh. But the way to make these elements interesting is by incorporating inner-process language. If you’re telling a story, include details about how you felt, or what you thought throughout the sequence of events. Talk about the kind of person you are, and how your personality traits played a role in the story.

If you are making an observation, include your impressions and inner dialogue concerning the topic. Always speaking with passion – be expressive and use your tone, facial expressions and hand gestures to emphasize the feelings you are experiencing. A good way to think about conversing with women is that you are not talking as much as you are communicating.

Just as there is no one way to communicate with technology today – texting, Facebook, email, oh yeah, actually talking on the phone – the same is true with conversation. There are a million different ways to send a message. With women, there are a handful of messages that elicit the most important emo- tions for taking things in an intimate direction.


Questions should be used to draw out the authentic expression of others. This does three things. First, it makes you seem more dominant and interesting, because you aren’t worried about what others think of you – you care about what’s going on with them. Few people do this. Second, it helps people feel comfortable around you, and thus crave your company. Third, once a woman begins to share more of herself- her innermost thoughts, fears, hopes, memo- ries and values, you then have a great reason to escalate. Your attention no seems to come from power, rather than neediness, because she perceives it to be a reward for her conversational effort.


Statements have the exact same purpose as questions. Most people talk to prove their value to others. This is bad. Instead, when you tell people about yourself, you should do so with the intention of showing them that it is safe to be honest, vulnerable, and express your personal style. This means you can’t “play cool.” Be a dork, be honest, and make fun of yourself and others. This conveys confidence (dominance) because you clearly don’t care about people rejecting you, but it also helps others come of their shells.

A disclaimer: not everyone is going to like you. The more expressive you are, the stronger people’s opinions are towards you – look at celebrities. Some people love Colin Farrell, some “hate” him. Look at musicians – Prince for example. I love the 80’s Prince, but I hate the 90’s Prince. Why do I even have such strong opinions? Because he’s expressive and “out there” so he garners strong reactions. The more expressive and free you are with how you behave, the more politicized people will be. Learn to accept this and not focus on it.

I always try to remind myself that one day I will be on the verge of death and that I’ll want to look back on my life and say to myself, “I was ME all the way!”

II. Emotional Trigger Sequence (ETS)

Below are the four most important emotions women must feel with you in or- der to open up sexually. Each emotion is best described by the inner dialogue that accompanies it. It’s impossible to describe an emotion – it’s a feeling in your body. But our emotions impact the thoughts we have – thoughts lead to emotions, but emotions lead to thoughts. We can think of these key emotions as trigger points – in the same way a safe has combination, and each number unlocks another gear.


Who is this guy? What’s he think about me? Does he like me? Why isn’t he try- ing to impress me like all the other guys?


He likes me for me. I’m safe with him. I can relax with this guy – he won’t try to pressure me into having sex.


He seems passionate; I wonder what he’s like in bed. I want to experience his giving nature sexually. I can see he’s turned on by me – I feel sexy around him.


I’m better off with him. He can help me be who I want to be. He is going places and I want to come with him. He needs me – I can help him too.

Remember the four emotions? There are also four stages of conversation. When I noticed this, I began to experiment. What I’ve discovered is that each type has a unique sequence of emotions that she’ll respond to most. Some types have the same sequence, but for different reasons. Because of this, I’ll break down how best to talk with each type in terms of her specific sequence of emotional trigger points.

When it comes to meeting and dating women, it’s useful to break up conver- sation into four stages: early (we’ll call this Ignition), mid (Momentum), late (Connection), and ongoing (Bonding). Here is a general timeline for the four stages:

Four Stages of Conversation

  • Ignition (approach to 2 minutes)
  • Momentum (2 min to 20 min)
  • Connection (20+ and date)
  • Bonding (after sex, dating)

III. Between the Lines

After we established the basic personality functions, or “lines” of Pandora’s Box, we began thinking about the interactions between the lines. Thinking at this level has helped us become proficient in assessing what type a woman is, and calibrating to that type if we choose. It’s important to not see the lines as fragmented pieces. It’s how they combine and interact within each woman that is what Pandora’s Box is really about.

Here are a couple easy examples to illustrate. I love pepperoni pizza. I also love ranch sauce. Pepperoni pizza dipped in ranch is the best thing ever (and this is not up for debate). You can think of colors – yellow and blue make green. Yellow and red make orange. Ranch and brussel sprouts is not so deli- cious. Nothing exists in a vacuum.

When you begin thinking about the combination of lines, things can become overwhelmingly complex. As we move forward, we’ll see how the different aspects of each type interact with each other. This will help you develop an intuitive sense for female psychology.

You can think of your intuition as your inner genius. Your subconscious can manage much more information than your conscious can – your conscious is more of a way to feed your subconscious. Kind of like driving a car – you con- sciously steer, but the engine is really doing all the work. If you were in charge of running all the parts of the engine, you wouldn’t get anywhere.

There is a pattern for assessing the ETS for each type, but it may be hard to follow at first, because each step depends on the previous step. I will lay out the dynamic ways these elements interact, but it may take a couple readings, as the pattern can get a little confusing at first.

Since you are learning to think about the dynamics between two and three dif- ferent elements (Lines) of personality, another layer of organization is neces- sary. We’ll call this meta-structure, the Elements of Seduction.

By organizing the Emotional Triggers on a meta-level, we are adding a third axis to how we organize each ETS. This will allow you to see the relevant connections and patterns emerging. It is not important that you memorize the Elements, but it is important that you are able to read the following and under- stand it, if your goal is to use Pandora’s Box intuitively and on-the-fly.

Study the following points, and you will begin to understand, on a very deep level, not only how each Line works in the female mind, but how the Lines work in tandem.

The Elements of Seduction

  • Emotional Rapport (Comfort and Devotion)
  • Excitement (Arousal and Intrigue)
  • Compliance (Devotion and Intrigue)
  • Sexual Rapport (Comfort and Arousal)
  • First, to begin figuring out the ETS of each type, we must organize the Box by the Relationship Line: Idealists and Realists.
  • Idealists respond best to excitement at first, as they like to feel swept off their feet, and they need their imaginations So the first two steps in the Idealist’s ETS are Arousal and Intrigue.
  • Realists respond best to Emotional Rapport first, as they are more practical minded and see relationships as The first two steps in the Realist’s ETS are Comfort and Devotion.
  • For Realists, the next most important line is the Sex Line, because remember, one of the universal rules in female psychology is that the woman must feel that sex is a reward for her effort. We leverage this as soon as possible with Realists, as they already want to contribute in concrete
  • Deniers tend to fight sexual advances, even if they are secretly turned Deniers attempt to make men offer Compliance before they have sex – this is how they protect themselves and keep power. Because of this, you’ll want to get Compliance from a Denier before you get her Aroused. We are leveraging her Denier tendency to flip the script.
  • Justifiers are already highly sexual, and we’ll leverage this by creating Sexual Rapport before getting Compliance. Of course, this sexual vibe is achieved implicitly, NOT overtly. Use subtle sexual innuendo to get her thinking about sex, while you act like you don’t care about a sexual outcome. Then you get Compliance. This creates the percep- tion that she is working for your sexual attention – she is turned on, and will be more likely to make an effort to impress you.
  • For Idealists, the next most important line is the Time Line because the Idealistic nature creates a strong distinction between how she goes about choosing a mate. She either tests like she’s at a buffet but terri- fied to commit to anything, or she falls head over heels immediately. (Realists are a little less extreme in their emotional responses to men at first, because, well, they are realistic.)
  • Although it may seem counterintuitive, iNvestors prefer to be aroused before they experience Intrigue. This is because they won’t care enough to be intrigued if they don’t sense the potential for sexual plea- sure in the relationship.
  • Testers prefer Intrigue, because they tend to be aroused most of the time, but get bored with the predictability of men.

I know that is a lot to take in – it reminds me of one of those logic puzzles where you check boxes based on a list of clues. If you look below, you’ll see how each Emotional Trigger falls in place based on the principles listed above. Here’s the cheat sheet:

ETS by Type

Stages Ignition Momentum Connection Bonding
Connessiuer NDR Comfort Devotion Arousal Intrigue
Private Dancer TDR Devotion Comfort Arousal Intrigue
Modern Woman NJR Comfort Devotion Intrigue Arousal
Seductress TJR Devotion Comfort Intrigue Arousal
Hpfl Romantic NDI Arousal Intrigue Comfort Devotion
Cinderella NJI Arousal Intrigue Devotion Comfort
Playette TDI Intrigue Arousal Comfort Devotion
Social Butterfly TJI Intrigue Arousal Devotion Comfort

Playette (TDI)

Emotional Trigger Sequence

  • Intrigue
  • Arousal
  • Comfort
  • Devotion

Ignition: Intrigue

Playettes tend to be very beautiful. It’s likely that a Playette gets a lot of at- tention from men. It’s also likely that she’s been hurt, which is why she is a Playette – she defends herself from future pain.

This means she is always “on the market” in a sense, and makes herself avail- able to men. Because she rarely sleeps with these men, she likely has a huge roster of potential dates, with more on the way. The result is that she has heard it all: attempts to impress her with money, sexual boasting, and of course, men proclaiming their love and devotion.

BOOORING. The one thing she doesn’t feel at first is intrigue. So how do we intrigue the Playette? With what is called a “punchy opener.” Now if you’ve been to a Drills Bootcamp, you probably remember this technique. Essentially, you want to convey that you have an opinion about her – either very bad or very good. But you don’t tell her what your opinion is. Here are some exam- ples:

  • “Hmm I don’t know about you…”
  • “Ok, that’s enough!”
  • “That’s interesting…”

Remember, the best way to make an approach work is to appear happy and fully committed. However, in the case of a punchy opener, you want to also convey that you are not sure if you like her or not.

Momentum: Arousal

Once she’s intrigued, you should focus on turning her on. But this requires you walk the edge between overt advances, and hiding your sexuality. What most men do with Playettes is begin bragging or trying to impress her.

Instead, ask her questions, and make statements about yourself, with a focus on being really down to earth. Play your strengths down and make fun of yourself. Be genuinely interested in her goals and her lifestyle. Do NOT ap- pear to work hard. Act like you don’t care that much.

At the same time, convey that she turns you on. This will turn her on, without her having to fight your advances. Employ very focused eye contact, and stand a little closer than you would in a platonic conversation. A great way to get physical with Deniers is to use protective touch. Touch her with the intention of keeping her safe and comfortable.

Connection: Comfort

Playettes tend to be very nervous about revealing too much about themselves. They really fear rejection. So you must a) ask good questions and, and b) be very reassuring when she expresses herself.

Some good questions to ask a Playette:

  • “So what motivates you?”
  • “What’s the dorkiest thing about you?”
  • “What kind of kid were you?”
  • “Are you close to your family? Who are you closest to in your fam- ily?”

Once she feels comfortable with you, she will go to bed with you, because she is already aroused and intrigued.

Bonding: Devotion

Playettes are idealists, which means they are looking for a man who is stron- ger than them – someone they can ride off into the sunset with. So as you continue to see this woman, always convey that you have goals, values that you live by, and an exciting lifestyle.

Social Butterfly (TJI)

Emotional Trigger Sequence

  • Intrigue
  • Arousal
  • Devotion
  • Comfort

Ignition: Intrigue

Like the Playette, the SB gets a lot of attention from men, but in this case it’s because of how social she is. She likes to attend a lot of social events and talk to everyone. Men tend to interpret this is interest, and it’s usually wishful thinking.

Because of this, the SB has also heard it all, and requires intrigue right off the bat. Intrigue is all about separating yourself from the pack. You do this with an SB a little differently than other women.

As a Tester, she does not respond well to sexual attention right away. But she does need to be excited and feel like she’s having an adventure. So the best way to satisfy these needs is by doing something boldly physical to engage her.

If you and your friends are getting drinks, pull her in and get her a shot.

If you are on the dancefloor, take her hand and spin her around.

I’ve even walked up to women who seemed to be SB’s and said, “you are out of control, you’re coming with me,” and threw them over my shoulder.

It’s what you do after that gets her intrigued. Act normal. Act like nothing happened, and this is just how you are. She’ll think “who is this guy who just picks girls up like it’s normal?”

Momentum: Arousal

This brings me to the next step. The easiest thing to do after you intrigue a woman is arouse her, because she is paying attention to you. When a woman is fascinated by a man, she gets horny. This is different than how men operate.

Once the SB is intrigued, she will be thinking about you and paying attention to you. At this point, it is very easy to use touch to get her turned on. She will let you be more aggressive physically because she is somewhat hypnotized. But remember, do not be overtly sexual. Ask her normal questions about her life, school, her friends.

When she says something cute or interesting, touch her lightly as a reward. This arouses her more than any words could.

Connection: Devotion

It may seem counter-intuitive, but with a Tester, especially a Tester-Justifier, finding one deep topic and exploring it can have a profound effect. But keep this as a contrast, an exemption to the rule: keep the conversation light, posi- tive, and rhythmic (no awkward silences).

The real manifestation of her chasing you is, for example, her telling you things she normally doesn’t reveal, and you, in-turn, offering her more atten- tion and time. You MUST convey that your sexual interest is a reward. This will make her devoted to you.

Testers usually have one or two passionate interests that they keep to them-selves. The strongest power-play with this girl is to connect deeply on one or two topics. Be bold physically and sleep with her as soon as logistics allow. If you are alone with her, use that as a window to get physical. If you miss this window, she’ll quickly move on. After sex, don’t cuddle or make long-term plans. Don’t try to be her new boyfriend – that’s what every other guy does and it’s boring. Keep it casual on you end, and she will be wondering why the hell you don’t want her!

Bonding: Comfort

Testers tend to hide a lot of their personal thoughts and feelings. They have an image to uphold, as they are always dealing with others. The way to keep a

Tester around is to make her feel like she can reveal her inner most thoughts to you. So you must do it first, after you have garnered her devotion. When she tells you her hopes and fears, always listen and reassure her.

But as a rule, the moment she feels you are chasing he, she will instantly lose all attraction. So try to text and call her a little less than she does you.

Hopeful Romantic (NDI)

Emotional Trigger Sequence

  • Arousal
  • Intrigue
  • Comfort
  • Devotion

Ignition: Arousal

The N and I combination makes her fall fast, because she confuses her arousal with love. These types of women are very passionate right away. But her De- nier nature makes her a little resistant to her own strong feelings.

Because of this you must tread the line very carefully when arousing the Hopeful Romantic. A light, but direct compliment works great. Tell her some- thing specific you like about how she is dressed or has styled herself.

Some examples:

“You look great in that dress.”

“I love how your hair looks like that.” “I love your laugh.”

Be sure to use strong eye contact – hold it for a moment after you finish saying your opener. This turns her on and engages her emotions.

Momentum: Intrigue

In case you haven’t noticed by now, the pattern of emotions we want to elicit are often counter-intuitive. That’s because we aren’t concerned with conven- tional wisdom here. Instead, we want to leverage her personality for the big- gest impact whenever possible.

Once an HR is aroused, it’s very easy to intrigue her, because she is already thinking about your long term potential. She is wondering what kind of man you are. Don’t spill your guts! Reveal very little about yourself. The most effective way to do this is by focusing totally on her and asking her about herself.

Her Idealist nature will lead her to create a fantasy version of you in her mind.

Don’t spoil it.

Connection: Comfort

The best way to keep an iNvestor relaxed and comfortable with you is by never pressuring her sexually. For a Justifier, this is easy, but for a Denier, you must be very proactive. So the key here is to fractionate between sexual topics and deep conversation. Tell her how sexy she is, and don’t wait for a response. Immediately shift the topic to a funny story about your childhood.

Some great comfort building-questions for the Hopeful Romantic:

  • “In your group of friends, what role do you play? How would your friends describe you?”
  • “What do you do to relax?”
  • “Do you have any guilty pleasures?”
  • “Where have you been that you enjoyed the most? Where would you like to visit?”

Bonding: Devotion

As mentioned, Idealists need a man to lead. Realists do as well, but more so with idealists. So as the relationship develops, it’s important to convey that you are going somewhere in life. But here’s the most important part. You must let her know that she can help you with your vision. As long as you do this, she will stay by your side and be totally devoted.

Some things to say to show her you need her:

  • “I like you because you motivate me. I think about all the crap I have to do today and then I think about you and it makes me want to get go- ”
  • “Hey I have this idea for work. I want you to read it and tell me what you think. You always have great insights.”

Cinderella (NJI)

Emotional Trigger Sequence

  • Arousal
  • Intrigue
  • Devotion
  • Comfort

Ignition: Arousal

The Cinderella, like the Hopeful Romantic, is very passionate, and mixes her arousal with her emotions. This type of woman responds well to a very direct, warm, even sexual approach. She must feel like you are totally focused on her, and that she turns you on. Go direct!

Some ideas for your approach:

  • “Hey…I noticed you when I walked I haven’t been able to take my eyes off you. Who are you?”
  • “You are driving me I think you are beautiful. What’s your name?”
  • Walk up to her, lock eyes, and don’t say anything. She’ll try to look Follow her eyes with yours and smile. Look like you are falling in love with her.

Momentum: Intrigue

As with the HR, you’ll want to leverage Cinderella’s arousal by following up with Intrigue. Again, simply focus on her and find out as much about her as you can, without telling her too much about yourself. In the case of Cinderella, she’ll want to feel like you like her. Because of this, using teasing is extremely powerful – so much so that you must be very careful when you do it. Keep it light, and don’t tease too much.

Here some examples of ways of warm ways tease her:

  • “You’re too When you get excited you open your mouth and take a deep breath like a kid. I love it.”
  • “Ahh! You made the dance face! Everyone has a dance face – it’s a face they make when they Yours looks really serious!”

Remember, a little goes a long way because she already wants to impress you – her arousal has her thinking you might be special!

Connection: Devotion

Your conversation with a Cinderella should mostly be about two things:

  1. Each your pasts and your common experiences
  2. Your future and how the two of you are on the same

When a Cinderella feels that you are a man with on his path, she will crave to be on that path with you. Her contributions will be less concrete and be more along the lines of emotional support, and inspiring you to achieve your vision.

Devotion in this case is all centered on you. It’s your show – your goals, your values, your passion. When she feels that she can play an emotionally sup- portive role for you, she will stick with you. You are the means for her to be the kind of woman she wants to be. Give her opportunities to nourish you. Tell her how she relaxes you, how are able to forget your worries when you’re with her.

Bonding: Comfort

The Cinderella will feel that your future is established once the three other Emotional Triggers have been satisfied. She’ll create that reality in her mind and be set on it. At this point, it’s about coasting. The best way I can describe the kind of conversation that makes her comfortable is “pillow talk.”

Think about how lazy and silly you are conversationally immediately after sex. You aren’t thinking about what you’re about to say. You are relaxed, say- ing very little, and what you do say is light, silly, and honest. You’re thinking out loud, but putting no thought into what you’re about to say.

At this point, I wish I could give some examples, but this is something that you’ll have to experience for yourself. Just keep in mind that the light, effort- less, meaningless conversation you have after sex is essentially the way you want to talk with your Cinderella as the relationship evolves.

Private Dancer (TDR)

Emotional Trigger Sequence

  • Devotion
  • Comfort
  • Arousal
  • Intrigue

Ignition: Devotion

This may seem like a tall order. To get a woman to devote herself to you right away? But how? Remember the inner dialogue that comes with the feeling of devotion. You’re going to want to talk “career” with this woman right off the bat. But first you’ll need to say something to break the ice.

She’s a Tester, which means too much focused attention right away is going to make her nervous. But she’s not as flighty as her Idealist counterpart. A simple, situational opener is the best way to go. Use the environment to get a conversation going.

Some examples:

  • “So what do you think? Can the Magic come back from a 3 game defi- cit? I mean their name is the Magic.”
  • “Hey watcha drinking?” (This is a little clichéd but that’s You don’t need to impress a PD, just appear normal.)

After you break the ice, you’ll want to transition into finding out about her life. The following simple questions should get you there.

“So are you from (whatever city you’re in)?”

“What do you do out here?”

“What do you do when you’re not (whatever her job is)?”

At this point, ask her why questions. These don’t necessarily have to use the word “why.” For example, if she says she is a nurse, ask her what she likes about it. This is essentially like asking her “why?” in different wording.

When you get her thoughts and feelings through “why” questions, relate to what she says with your own thoughts and feelings. Find out what her goals are, and then talk about how you have the same goals.

Momentum: Comfort

Once she gets the sense that you are different from other guys because she can actually benefit from knowing you, the PD is cool with talking about anything. She is like one of your guy friends – any random topic is valid. Once you get away from the goal stuff, it’s time to shoot the shit. She likes to talk about subjects are more interesting – travel, work, school, sports, her dog, etc.

The main way to build momentum with the Dancer is to NOT say or do anything sexual for now. This helps her feel at ease. Most guys screw this up. She’ll actually respect you more if you can treat her like a person first – a teammate and partner. A great way to do this is to move her around the venue, or share an activity together.

Connection: Arousal

The Private Dancer responds powerfully to the Us-frame. Create the dynamic where you and she are a team, and whatever you are doing, be successful at it. Reward her with more sexual attention.

As always, sexual attention should be subtle if you haven’t slept with her yet. Use stronger, eye contact, and a warmer look. Touch her as a reward, and gradually begin to lead her physically the more time you spend. This should naturally lead to an intimate encounter.

Bonding: Intrigue

The Private Dancer’s biggest leverage point is her desire to comply in concrete ways. This is where cognitive dissonance is your friend. You must always convey that you are not totally satisfied in your relationship.

I’m not saying you should be mean. Quite the opposite. You see, the best way to make a Private Dancer devoted to you is to make sure she feels there is more for her to do. And the way to do this is by genuinely appreciating what she does for you, and always having something new for her to do.

You can amplify this dynamic by incorporating intrigue into how you tell her about your plans and goals.

  • “I have this amazing idea. I want you to help. Do you know anyone involved in marketing?”
  • “So tonight…I have a I need you to find some really good pinot noir. And can you borrow your parents SUV?”

Seductress (TJR)

Emotional Trigger Sequence

  • Devotion
  • Comfort
  • Intrigue
  • Arousal

Ignition: Devotion

Devotion with a Seductress is different than what you may be expecting. You do it by example, and this is why most men strike out with this diva. You see, you must be the male version of the kind of woman she wants to be. Confi- dent, sexy, expressive…the best word is swagger.

There are two ways to go about this. You can become that man, which is kind of the whole point of all this…

Or you can fake it for the first couple minutes until you can get into a relaxed conversation.

More than any other woman, the Seductress loves sharp and witty banter. This can be difficult unless you have the right mindset. You’ll need to absolutely, 100% let go of needing anyone’s approval. This can seem like a tall order – after all, we are talking about Buddha’s advice for how to become enlightened. Just remember, you only have to do this for a couple minutes.

Muster all the swagger you have, but leave out the lines and smooth talk. Look this woman dead in the eye, loosen your body and stand tall, and act like you know you are sexy. If you do this, a simple “Hi” will work just fine – in fact, the simpler the better. She’s probably smarter than you and won’t be im- pressed by your wit. She will be impressed by your swagger.

Momentum: Comfort

The most charming men create a strong contrast that is massively attractive. Upon first impression they come off very confident and even cocky. They are expressive and exciting to be around. But once they speak to you personally, they are very humble and down to earth. Think about how many times you have heard people say about a celebrity, “he’s actually really cool in person – very humble and down to earth.” This is massively powerful.

This is what you do after the first couple minutes. The Seductress loves to chase, to seduce – it’s how she gets her power fix. Remember that most guys can’t handle her sexuality and take to groveling to get in her pants. So it’s sim- ply a matter of not doing that. She will naturally want to conquer you.

One other thing – and this takes some experience to cultivate – pull your at- tention away at key moments. Get the sense of when the average guy (the old you) would try to make a move or try to say something smooth and seductive, and instead, look away and relax your body.

This really comes down to relaxing and trusting that she is going to try to se- duce you. All you have to do talk to her like you would a good guy friend.

Connection: Intrigue

The Seductress loves to conquer men. You can leverage this in a counter-intui- tive way by talking openly about sex with her. Where the average guy will get overly excited about discussing sex with such a, well, sexy woman, you keep your cool. She interprets boasting and cockiness as overcompensation. But if you can speak frankly about yourself, it means you are confident about what you can offer her sexually.

There’s a difference between being horny and passionate. Tell her what turns you on with feeling and excitement. She wants a man who is passionate. She needs to know that once she turns you on, you will be an animal. Convey this by discussing sex, goals, and everything else, with enthusiasm.

But give no indication that you plan on doing this to her. She will WANT to be on the receiving end of your passion, and will want to MAKE you want to give it to her (and she’s wonderfully frustrated as to why you don’t already).

Bonding: Arousal

Once you’ve slept with the Seductress, keep her aroused. This will be the foundation of your relationship. When she is no longer excited by you sexu- ally, the relationship is over.

But remember what turns the Seductress on: she wants to conquer a man. But not just any man, she wants to hunt the big game. So this means you must always convey passion in all that you do. Think of it this way: you are a bold, wild, exciting man. And she has the power to capture you. But once the hunt is over, she’ll get bored. Never chase this woman – she is the opposite of the Hopeful Romantic and the Cinderella.

Sex is your bond, but it must be a perpetual chase. The best way to stay in the right mindset with a Seductress is by seeing other women, or at least keeping your options open. This will motivate her to keep chasing you.

Connoisseur (NDR)

Emotional Trigger Sequence

  • Comfort
  • Devotion
  • Arousal
  • Intrigue

Ignition: Comfort

It’s rare that a woman feels comfortable with a man she just met. This is why such an experience is so powerful for the Connoisseur. If you are a guy she feels comfortable with, she’ll immediately see you as different and special. With other types, intrigue is the way to separate yourself from the pack. But not with this woman.

A sincere compliment goes a long way with the Connoisseur. She likes that you are focused on her, as long as you mean it. By being specific, you can convey that you’re not just spouting lines.

The key here is to make her feel comfortable right away. This may seem tough because of the intensity of a direct approach. Here’s how it’s done:

  • First, lock eyes and let her see you before you
  • Second, say your compliment with a ton of warmth – all you can mus-
  • And lastly, smile, look away, and turn your body slightly away (I call this the “fallback”)

Momentum: Devotion

The Connoisseur takes pride in supporting herself, or is working for some- thing she is passionate about. Find out and share your own passions. Talking about work and school is not boring, as long as you focus on how she thinks and share how you think. Remember to use “why” questions.

An iNvestor wants to get to know you, and she wants you to get to know her. That way she can decide if there’s a future for the two of you. There will be if she believes you have a passion. Talk about your career goals as a way to turn her on. You’ll need to make her feel your excitement for life and your direc- tion towards some goals before she’ll sleep with you.

This should get you started:

  • “My job is cool, but I’m currently working on (whatever goal you have).”
  • “I’m really excited…I just talked to my financial advisor and we came up with a great plan for this business I’m going to start.”
  • “I need your help designing these Let’s come up with something tonight over a glass of wine.”

Connection: Arousal

The best way to turn most of the types on is through physicality. With the Connoisseur, do something physical, where you have the same goal. This is a good way to get physical without being overtly sexual – remember that this woman is a Denier.

Because you make a good team, her iNvestor nature will get her thinking long term. Combine this with the physicality. Talk about your mutual strengths and weaknesses. It may seem hard to understand as a man, but this will make her feel very excited about sleeping with you.

Don’t worry if the first couple conversations seem dry. as long as you had a sincere and sexual vibe at first, she will perceive all interactions as leading towards intimacy. Be patient, but once you get her alone, take control.

When you get this type alone, create a situation where the two of you are in physical contact, and talk about your commonalities.

Bonding: Intrigue

It’s important to keep the Connoisseur’s interest if you want to keep her around. For some women, sex is the way to do this. For others it’s through a feeling of comfort or feeling that the two of you are going somewhere as a couple. For the Connoisseur, she must feel that there is more about you to discover.

The way to do this naturally is by having an interesting life with a healthy social circle. I could give you some techniques to fake this, but that won’t help you in the long run. Try to have things going on beside your relationship, and always be learning new things.

Discuss your ideas with her. Show that you are an “onion,” that you have many layers. The Connoisseur is probably a very intelligent woman and will be overjoyed to have a guy in her life she can explore new ideas with.

Modern Woman (NJR)

Emotional Trigger Sequence

  • Comfort
  • Devotion
  • Intrigue
  • Arousal

Ignition: Comfort

It’s been said that there’s a little bit of the Modern Woman in every type. This woman is usually on an even keel, enjoys sex and dating but is not promiscu- ous, and is able to comfortable being single and being in a relationship. For her, it’s all about who she feels comfortable with. She holds her girlfriends to the same standards she holds men.

She is not naïve – she understands that men are attracted to a woman’s beauty. As with the Connoisseur, a sincere compliment works well with the MW. You can also open with something situational. A joke or question work great, but be sure to lock eyes with her as you say it. She also understands that most men are on the prowl in social situations.

The best way to approach the MW however, is with something really simple. Say hi and ask her name. Or make a comment about something in the imme- diate environment. She is a social person, and enjoys meeting men. If she is taken, she will let you know, either by ignoring you, or telling you up front. Either way, don’t take it personal.

Momentum: Devotion

There’s a mom in all women. For the MW, this is a side she doesn’t get to ex- press very often. She adapts to the current cultural trends, which means that she works and pays her own bills, and probably has no plans for children in the near future.

And yet she has that deep primal urge to care for others and nurture them. She probably does this for her friends. She is probably the mom of the group and the one people come to for advice. But what about her?

Most men nowadays have very little direction. It’s not like the old days when you had a trade coming out of high school or college. There is an abundance of leisure distractions that men indulge in. Combine this with the increase of pro- miscuity in high school and college, and what you have is a generation of lazy men with very low standards.

This is no good for the MW. She wants a man that is interesting and going somewhere. To gain momentum with her, talk about your interests and goals. This will separate you from the Modern Man!

Focus on statements about yourself for now:

  • “I have weird taste in movies…I love old school kung fu movies. My favorite is 5 Deadly Venoms. Oh my god it’s so dope. We’ll watch it ”
  • “I love reggae. I know guitar, but I’m saving up for a bass guitar so i can play my favorite basslines.”
  • “I’m really nervous about it, but I’m applying for a retail job at Biv- I’ve never considered myself a salesman, but I love the outdoors and the gear you need to fish and camp and hike.”

Connection: Intrigue

Once the MW sees that you are different from other men, she will be engaged. Again, we’ll take advantage of this to leverage her previous emotion to elicit the next one. Once she is focused on you, it is very easy to intrigue her.

She knows what you are all about. Now it’s time to find out what she is all about. As I have said previously, the best way to make a woman see you as mysterious is by focusing less on yourself and finding out as much as you can about her.

Focus on questions here:

  • “What’s your most embarrassing moment?”
  • “Who is your hero?”
  • “What’s your favorite quote?”
  • “What song do you listen to feel good? Why?”

Bonding: Arousal

The MW isn’t looking for anything serious at first. Although she’s an iNvestor, she’s also a Realist. For the first couple months of knowing each other, all the MW wants is a friend she can have sex with.

She’s very much like a man in that respect, and this is the result of her new- found social freedom. In the last 30 years, women have gained the freedom to have sex with whom they want, as they want. It’s become accepted that wom- en have sexual demands. Look at a sexual advice article in Men’s Health, and then look at any ad for household appliances from before 1950.

Your bond with the MW is going to be sexual as the relationship develops. Because she’s a Realist, she is in touch with practical matters. A relation- ship between a man and a woman cannot work if the sexual relationship isn’t healthy. It’s the foundation.

So as your relationship evolves, focus on turning your Modern Woman on. Send her sexy text messages, notice when she wears heels that make her legs look hot, or when her lip gloss makes you want to grab her and kiss her.

She gets turned on when she knows she has turned you on. This is your prima- ry focus in an ongoing relationship with an MW, provided you have satisfied her other three emotional triggers.

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