The Time Line: Test vs. Invest

Simply put – a Tester prefers to date multiple men simultaneously, and an Investor is VERY uncomfortable doing so and prefers to focus all of her
efforts on one single guy.

You could say that a Tester can be attracted to many guys at once, but an Investor is not.

The Test / Invest element is the most fluid and most easily able to change of the three character dimensions. It can change gradually with age, but also depends on her individual dating experiences.

So for example, she might be a Tester, date a lot, then meet someone she really likes and become and Investor.

The opposite is also possible — meaning if she dates a player – and invests hardcore into him – and if the breakup is bad and he breaks her heart – she may become a Tester going forward.

The other thing to keep in mind is that Testers will often fake being an Investor, so you need to be really great at picking up the clues.

Let’s just talk about the downside of NOT KNOWING Pandora’s Box. And you meet a Tester. You might be thinking she’s only dating you, and you’ve got it easy. Meanwhile, she could be dating four other guys who are all competing for her attention! But you would have no idea. She might be behaving weird or acting in strange ways, and you would think it’s because she’s not interested.

But that’s not going to be you, because you are going to understand Pandora’s Box, you’re a practitioner. You’ll know how to immediately tell when you’re dealing with a Tester and also how to get a Tester to drop the other guys she’s seeing and focus her energy on you, and become incredibly loyal to you.

What’s even more powerful is that if you DO tame a Tester, a Tester can become even MORE loyal to you because she will feel as though she had to go through many different guys to find YOU.

Now I know this is exciting, but be patient because we need to talk a little bit more about the specific character traits of a Tester or Investor before we can talk about the advanced strategies.

Even knowing just the introduction to the Tester/Investor model you can immediately see how the dating strategy for those two different types would be so different. A woman who is dating many guys at the same time will have a completely different mindset to one who is focusing all her attention on one guy. Which is exactly why your game plan needs to be different.

Let’s start with your typical Tester.

It’s all about emotional diversification. She doesn’t want to put all of her eggs in one basket. Most likely it comes from being hurt in the past – romantically.

So she tests. She keeps men on the side. She flirts heavily and leads guys on.

What’s important is the understanding behind WHY she does these things. Many people think that women date many guys at the same time in order to figure out which one is the PERFECT guy.

And they’re wrong.

In fact the Tester does NOT really even CARE about finding ONE perfect guy. She is getting the total package by getting certain types of value and emotions from the combination of guys.

And if they are young, they are simply thinking “I’m just having fun for a few years and then I’ll find someone to settle down with later”.

And surprisingly – within those few years, even if they find that perfect one, they might still date others who are not as good as him.

I’m going to generalize a little bit – and this isn’t the case 100% of the time, but in general a Tester has suffered some kind of romantic loss where she has felt cheated and betrayed by a guy in the past.

A TESTER dates multiple guys to feel significance – to be validated as a desirable, attractive woman. And this is VERY important to women.

One of the girls who I met doing this actually dropped out of college for a YEAR and is now a year behind so she could move into the city and SERIOUSLY date men full time – and on average was dating 8 guys at once – all of which were completely clueless. She would treat all 8 of them pretty well – so they all thought they were the only one…

These guys who were unaware of the Pandora’s Box system may have actually thought of her as an “Investor” (although they wouldn’t know the correct terminology) because he didn’t know about all the other guys, and he thought all the attention was focused on him. We will be helping you to identify the subtle clues so you can really figure out the girls who are really Testers. Because as I said before Testers will present an image to guys that they are actually Investors.

Now when I say a Tester DATES multiple guys – it doesn’t mean she is sleeping with all of the guys at the same time. Often she is only sleeping with one. Really this depends on the SEXUAL CONFLICT – whether she is a denier or justifier – we’ll talk about that dimension next.

If I remember correctly – the girl who I mentioned who was sleeping with 8 guys was really only sleeping with 2 or 3 of the guys.

Often, she is merely keeping these guys as ORBITERS.

Testers have elaborate strategies to keep orbiters “in orbit” – or to keep stringing them along while they sample many different guys simultaneously. And eventually decide which one they will keep for the long term.

Orbiter Strategies include:

  • Talking about sex, which hints at the promise of sex
  • Baiting, or suggesting hanging out and then flaking out last minute – or only giving half commitments
  • Appearing helpless which motivates men to want to protect her and in fact the vulnerability is a huge attractor for
  • Pretending to distrust a guy or accusing him of being a player as a tactic to delay sex.
  • Always trying to maintain the upper hand in the relationship. e. waiting for long periods of time before she returns phone calls and so forth. She can afford to do this because she has plenty of backup guys ready.

These strategies are extremely powerful, and as men we have to be especially careful of them. It’s best to know a girl is a Tester and treat her as such – don’t take it seriously OR implement one of our advanced strategies to convert her.

Let’s recap about Testers:

  • Don’t care about finding the one perfect They get what they need from a combination of guys
  • They have multiple guys to feel significance, to feel validated and wanted
  • She’s not always sleeping with all of them
  • She has sophisticated strategies to keep guys “in orbit”
  • Testers can be converted into Investors if you have the right skills

Let’s talk about Investors:

So while a Tester is indifferent to really finding that one “perfect guy” an Investor DOES have getting the perfect guy in the back of her mind.

However – it’s not that she finds the perfect guy and then decides to stick with him – it’s that she is trying to FIX him. She sees that he has potential. The guy has POTENTIAL to be perfect for her. And that is what keeps her devoted to him.

She will usually have ONE THING she is trying to “change” so that he becomes perfect for her. But here’s the kicker – once she does get him to change that one thing – her interest usually goes right down the tubes.

Because for her – the feeling of having something to work on, something to “fix” is what keeps her interested and attracted. That will play heavily into our in depth strategies for attracting an Investor.

Investors make GREAT girlfriends – that much is true. And well, Testers can be a lot of fun, but if you want to change them into an Investor, that is going to take a different strategy – which we’ll discuss later in the program.

What’s even more interesting is that an Investor will stay with a guy until she is CONVINCED he is not the one. The key word – being convinced. She usually has to be convinced BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT that he is not the one. And if she is convinced, she will move on to the next guy, sometimes with a testing small phase of in between them.

And an Investor has also suffered some kind of romantic loss – but does NOT feel cheated or betrayed – either she had to move away from a guy she really loved, or lost him in some other way – OR and this is a big one – blames HERSELF for the loss.

And what she is doing by investing now is she is somehow proving to herself that she CAN create the perfect relationship by helping a guy step into a role that isn’t necessarily natural for him.

She may feel supportive, motherly, nurturing, important, and needed. Those are the emotions that drive her.

So let’s recap Investors:

  • She wants to have the perfect guy – but is really looking for POTENTIAL
  • She tends to only date one guy at one time and invest her time and energy in him
  • She prefers fewer relationships, but longer relationships
  • In most cases, if she is successful in FIXING you, she loses interest (no more fun)
  • She will stick around unless she is CONVINCED you’re not the one, then moves on
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