The Three Great Conflicts of The Female Mind

Now we are getting into the foundation of the Pandora’s Box System. The Pandora’s Box System is based on THREE MAJOR Emotional and
Social conflicts that women have in their mind.

Just like we want the hottest girl, but the hotter she is, the more nervous we are to approach her… just like THAT’S a conflict for men, women have conflicts too. But because of how our brains are wired differently, they are MUCH more intense for women.

Ultimately, you have to understand these conflicts if you ever want to be exceptional with women. They are real, and women have to deal with them every day. Women take them for granted – and they almost ASSUME that men should know them too. That’s why there’s so much confusion between the sexes.

That being said, just being aware of these conflicts is going to put us ahead of 99% of other guys she meets.

But using a SYSTEM designed to capitalize and EXPLOIT these conflicts will give us nearly superhuman abilities.

By learning and studying this system, you are going to have supreme- confidence with women. You’ll understand them better because they won’t be so much of a mystery, and you’ll have much stronger conversation naturally because as you investigate the different types, you’ll have a genuine curiosity, that will make conversation happen with no effort.

Women often speak an almost indecipherable female code that’s almost impossible for men to translate. Things like how to know she is giving off signals that she’s interested, how to know she’s flirting or being serious, why she likes certain guys as “just friends”, what secret behaviors get her horny, when she’s ready to be kissed or have sex with you, if she wants a relationship or not, why she’s friendly one minute and ice cold the next, and the list goes on and on.

What’s interesting is that – this woman-speak – or women speaking a different language than men comes DIRECTLY FROM THESE CONFLICTS. So pay attention.

In this section we are going to:

  1. Identify the three major conflicts between her biological drive and society pressure
  2. Learn the mental strategies she uses to deal with those conflicts
  3. Transparently and invisibly align ourselves with those strategies so that we become the ONLY source of her physical pleasure and emotional This will make you automatically project the qualities and attributes that make her attracted and get her turned on.

There are three MAJOR conflicts however, that are so intense, they force women to choose a dominant strategy, and that becomes part of her personality – which dictates significant behavioral differences – and determines which triggers makes her feel attracted, which behaviors make her feel comfortable, and what gets her turned on.

These three conflicts are: Time, Sex, and Relationship

Conflict of Time – Women are biologically programmed to mate with the most dominant, high status man they can find so therefore she wants to spend time really screening the men she dates and finding the best one – but there is pressure from society to be with a guy who has high status – and it is looked down upon if a girl is single for a long time.

This is why you will see women who are older, becoming cougars, and becoming much more aggressive in dating, going out, and meeting guys. Even to the point of hitting on the guys instead as opposed to younger girls who are more likely to just sit there and let men approach them. It all has to do with her feeling that her time is running out…

With men – they actually get BETTER with age, more successful, better traveled, they have more sexual experience. And they can have children, now especially with Viagra, well into their 70’s or 80’s.

Conflict of Sex – She wants to enjoy the physical pleasure and emotional intimacy of sex – but sex in the past has led to emotional trauma and critical judgment from society and her peers.

This is why women will seem VERY into you, make out with you, let you touch her, but there’s often an additional level of resistance right before you start having actual sex. We know it feels great for her, and often we don’t understand her hesitation, but she’s got an internal conflict preventing her from going all the way.

And men – we don’t try to have sex with a girl, and then suddenly change our mind because we’re scared of being judged. If anything our friends think we’re even cooler for having more sex.

Conflict of Relationship – Her biological wiring drives her to support and nurture family, and develop her feminine self / but our male dominated society encourages achievement, status climbing and developing her career, just in case she doesn’t find a man to provide for her.

This is why you’ll see very successful women quitting their jobs or taking an extended leave when they have kids. For example, recently Nicole Kidman took a break from Hollywood to focus on raising her children.

You won’t see a man really taking a break from work to focus on his family – if anything he’ll work even HARDER when he has more mouths to feed.

Now, because of the intensities of these 3 conflicts, she is forced to develop coping strategies to manage them.

There are two very distinct coping strategies a woman can choose for each conflict. The strategy she chooses becomes habitual, and it manifests drastic differences in behavior between women.

Now, all women have the same conflicts, so that doesn’t really make them unique. The difference is HOW WOMEN CHOOSE TO DEAL with these strategies that are different. What we’ve found is that for each conflict a woman has two different choices of how she can deal with it. The strategy a woman chooses to manage these conflicts is WHAT DEFINES her character type.

Just like if there’s a conflict between countries – there’s also just two main options for dealing with it – we can compromise and do a peace deal, or can we fight and go to war.

It’s the same with a woman’s conflicts – they tend to have two main strategies, and they are POLAR OPPOSITE of each other.

And if you use the wrong strategy – you are going to get the opposite effect that you want. And this strategy influences ALL of your dating decisions. What works best with one woman can be TOTALLY OPPOSITE of what works on another.

So let’s recap the three conflicts.

So again, there is the conflict of time – she wants to spend time finding the BEST possible mate, but her clock is ticking.

She has the conflict of sex – she wants to experience the emotional and physical pleasure of sex but for women, sex comes with consequences.

And, the conflict of relationship – she has a biological urge to focus on raising a family, but our society is urges her to be self-sufficient and independent.

And for each one of those conflicts she has 2 very different ways of dealing with it.

All you have to do to fully understand what is going on inside her mind and figure out her predominant strategy for each one of these conflicts. And really – in the past 5 minutes you have just learned more about the female mind than a regular PhD in psychology.

Now I’m going to get into something really exciting – pay attention. We’re going to give you some terms that make something incredibly complex and sophisticated REALLY SIMPLE.

I’m going to give you some terminology that serves as extreme shortcuts to take complex psychological process into a series of three letters.

Realize that you’re learning a totally new and powerful way of understanding women. You can think of it as learning a new language. But this language only has six letters.

She wants to find the right mate, but time is ticking. Our research has shown that a woman will deal with the time conflict in two very different ways. This has to do with how many men a woman will date at the same time.

Here’s a good analogy. Let’s say a company needs a new CEO, and they only have three months to get him. They really only have two different options. First, they can hire several guys, watch them all work on a trial basis, and at the end three months, pick the best one.

Or, they can just pick the first guy they find who has the potential to be good enough, and train him to become a good CEO by the end of the three months. Neither one is a perfect strategy, but given the time constraint, both are viable options, with their own advantages and disadvantages.

With women – she will either put a few guys on trial, to test them, and let them compete it out to see whose best in the long term. Or, will make a quicker decision, pick one of the first guys she thinks has potential and invest all of her time and energy to make him into the perfect boyfriend.

So she is going to TEST several guys at once or INVEST in one guy with potential.

To simplify; Test or Invest. To go even further T or N.

Just to recap. Women have a limited amount of time, but they want to get the BEST possible guy. They will either test several men at once or pick one guy and invest her energy in him. Test or Invest. T or N.

Women who are testers will actually date several men at the same time, and create a type of perfect guy with components from each of the guys joined together. Investors will get one guy and try to fix him and make him perfect.

You’ve probably seen this in girls before – they’ll either be surrounded by lots of guys who she is all on some level dating, or they’ll have one boyfriend they’re trying to fix. Test or Invest. T or N.

Next we have the sexuality conflict. Where women love the physical pleasure of sex, but there are a lot of social consequences of having sex. Like being judged or men not seeing her as marriage potential if she does it too soon.

This is critically important – because if you meet a girl you like, at some stage you’re going to want to have sex with her. And this conflict

explains what her mindset about sex is going to be like. Specifically what important are the reasons why she’s going to have sex with you and also how she is going to think about it. And I’m sure this is something you’re going to want to know.

How a woman deals with the sexual conflict is the key to your escalation strategy, because which strategy she chooses changes your approach dramatically.

She loves sex and the emotional bonding and physical pleasure she receives from it – but sex has had negative consequences like emotional trauma and societal judgment. A woman will also deal with the sexual conflict in two different ways. And it has to do with how big of a deal sex is in her mind.

Here’s an analogy.

Let’s say you live in a house with two other roommates. And there’s one last piece of cake in the fridge. You want the piece of cake, but you don’t want to be seen as the greedy overindulgent guy who eats the last piece. But your indulgence gets the best of you and you eat it anyway.

Now let’s say one of your roommates comes home and is upset about the missing cake. You basically have two choices. First – you can deny it and pretend you didn’t actually eat the cake saying “I don’t know what happened, it wasn’t me”, or you can justify your actions and say something like “what’s the big deal? It’s just a piece of cake”

With women and sex, it’s the same. If a woman has sex with a guy – and then she hangs out with her friends, and they ask her about it, she will DENY it. She might say something like “no nothing’s happened yet. We’re just dating.” The second strategy would be for her to justify her actions. She will say “Yes we did it, but it was because I was drunk – and besides sex isn’t a big deal anyway.”

She is going to DENY the sex happening or JUSTIFY the reasons why it happened, and think that it wasn’t a big deal.

Deny or Justify. To go further, D or J.

Just to recap – women want to indulge in sexual pleasure but there are social consequences for doing it. They will either block it out, or Deny it has happened, or they will come up with reasons to Justify why it was OK. Deny or Justify, D or J.

This explains why some women end up sleeping with much less guys than others. Deniers pretend sex doesn’t happen, suppress her ideas about sex, and make it harder for guys to have sex with her, and Justifiers see sex as insignificant, and let it happen many, many times. Deny or Justify, D or J.

And finally, the third conflict – how she views her future especially in terms of her relationships and what is expected of her over her lifetime will also have a very important role in her life. Because women are biologically designed to bear and raise children, she has strong maternal instincts – but our society pressures her to be independent, self-sufficient, and work just as hard as men to develop her career.

This is very important because women will strongly favor one or the other, and this is important to us because this will be a key influence over what types of men she finds attractive. And it determines how we come across – so that we can align ourselves with either her family or her career.

She has strong biological urges to raise and sustain a family – but is pressured by society to develop her career. A woman will deal with this conflict in two very distinct ways and it has to do with how she prioritizes her main goals.

Here’s another analogy.

It’s almost like a guy when graduates high school when he as the option of just staying in town close to all of his old friends, where its safe and familiar, or choosing to go to a good college far away where he doesn’t know anyone but will get a good education and have more chance of success.

You have to understand that for a woman it is NOT the same as choosing dating and sex over working on your school or career. Most guys I know would choose going on a date in a HEARTBEAT over getting his homework done. But you’ll realize that women a lot of the time have NO problem prioritizing school or work over a date.

The reason why, is because for women – choosing to focus on dating or to focus on her career is a long term focus. For example, if a woman wanted to become a lawyer, that’s a 5-7 year commitment. This makes it very difficult for her to have a baby. It’s not like that for a guy – they can get a girl pregnant and then easily go back to work. Yes they might end up paying for child support, but it is not as incapacitating for men.

This is a uniquely feminine problem – it doesn’t exist for men. That’s why just KNOWING and acknowledging this conflict is such a great advantage because most men aren’t even aware that it exists.

So a woman will be a REALIST and be realistic in the need to be self sufficient and career focused, or she will be an IDEALIST and maintain her ideal image of white picket fence, good husband and kids.

Realist or Idealist, R or I.

To recap – women have strong maternal instinct to focus on raising and maintaining a family but society pressures her to be career focused. They will either be realistic about fears and come up with a real solution for them, or maintain an IDEAL image of her future husband and kids. Realist or Idealist, R or I.

This explains why women will often be so polarized in her decision making process. Realists focus on their career almost to the point of excluding dating, while Idealists can sometimes not even put thought into choosing a good career because family is such a priority. Realist or Idealist, R or I.

Understand that a woman’s character type can change throughout her life, and some dimensions change more often than others. It is her CURRENT character type that we are interested in. We will teach you how to READ her character type later in this program.

Understanding these three dimensions and the two polar opposite strategies for coping with each type is CRITICAL for your understanding of the Pandora’s Box System. But if you really understand them – you will be lethal.

If there is any part of the program that you are not 100% clear on, please go back and re-listen to the material. Your understanding of those fundamentals is absolutely critical before we go further.

You cannot do Algebra if you do not know how to multiply. Ok so a bit of a quiz…

Ok what’s the first conflict? That’s right it’s TIME.

You remember that she wants the perfect guy but she only has a limited amount of time to get him. So what are her two options to dealing with this problem?

You’re right again – It’s Test or Invest. Test is when she dates a lot of guys at the same time to test them out, and Invest is when she picks one guy to “work on” and invests a lot of time and energy into improving him.


Easy, right?

Ok now what’s the second conflict?

That’s right, it’s her SEXUAL conflict. Sex feels really good for a woman, but there are a lot of consequences for her to do that.

So what are her two options?

You’re right – it’s to Deny or Justify. Deny is when she denies that she’s had sex in the past, and prevents it in the present, and justify is when she justifies her sex, and makes sex less of a big deal in her mind.

T/N      D/J

Number three. What’s the third conflict?

That’s right it’s her Worldview. She has biological urges to focus on raising a family, but she also has pressure from society to be career oriented.

And how does she deal with that?

Right – it’s to be a Realist or Idealist. Realists accept that they might have to look after themselves and be self sufficient, Idealists are attached to finding a man to take care of her.

T/N      D/J       R/I

So each girl has these three conflicts, and two ways of dealing with it. So for example, a woman could be a:

Tester – Denier – Realist, or TDR. And that’s her character type, TDR.

Or, she could be a Tester – Denier – Idealist. And her character type would be TDI.

All together there are 8 different character types. 2 x 2 x 2 equals 8. Again, every woman has three main conflicts:

Each conflict has two distinct strategies.

For her time conflict, she can be a Tester or Investor T/N

For her sex conflict she can be a Denier or Justifier. T/N D/J

And for her final conflict she can be a Realist or Idealist. T/N     D/J      R/I

Pop quiz? How many different combinations can you make? That’s right 8.  2 x 2 x 2 is 8.

That’s 8 total different character types. Listen – if this seems complex now, don’t worry. You don’t have to learn all 8 types right now. Your weekly video coaching is going to take you through ALL 8 types, one at a time and give you the chance to really master each type of woman in your own life.

What you’ll soon be able to do, is what me and my trainers can do. You’ll be able to meet a girl, and after brief conversation (or even just by watching her) and immediately know her three letter type (for example, she’s an NDI) and have a complete ROADMAP to knowing how to seduce her and get her turned on. It’s almost like you’ll be speaking a secret language that only YOU and a couple hundred lucky men know about.

This three letter code is the secret to this system. It’s like having a safe with a three digit code, and when unlocked it contains a valuable treasure. In no time when you meet girls you’ll be firing off this three letter code like its second nature.

What we’ve just unlocked is EVERY motivator a woman has to do anything in her life. The reason she will talk to a guy, the reasons she ignores a guy, the reasons she answers your calls, the reasons she flakes out, the reason she decides to have sex with you, and the reasons why she is resistant…

One thing I highly recommend is to explain the Pandora’s Box model to one of your guy friends or wingmen, and discuss different women you like, or you have known in the past, and women you are friends with, and figure out their type using the tools we are about to give you. It will cement the model in your mind, and the practical application will make it extremely clear to you, and will quickly develop your skills as an advanced practitioner.

My trainers and I found that when we met women, and started discussing their character traits with each other, and applying the system, that it turned the theory into real life application, and everything started to fall into place. Along with the fact that our skills became lethal and our strike rate percentages of meeting women to being intimate with them became unparalleled.

This program is unique because it is the first dating system in the world that not only acknowledges the vast differences between different women, but it also gives you individual strategies for each of the different types.

By doing this program you will have everything required from identifying and figuring out her type, knowing the scientific background behind the model, customizing your plan of action, and knowing all the motivators for her behavior, so you can be an essential part of her life.

The key to every decision she makes is based on those three conflicts and her strategy.

We’re going to show you next how you can be the solution to all of those conflicts so she is totally dedicated, even dependent on you.

It’s like being lost in the desert…. You’re thirsty, you’re lost and you haven’t had any contact with any of the people in your life.

Then a guy comes along – and he’s got water, he’s got a map, and he’s got a cell phone.

You’re going to be THAT GUY in a woman’s life…. No matter what type of woman she is.

She’s going to like you, want you, find you attractive, find you incredibly masculine and sexual, let you do whatever you want with her, almost worship you.

Once you understand that women will usually pick a certain strategy and STICK WITH IT, you realize that female psychology is VASTLY different between individual women.

That is why it is literally IMPOSSIBLE to use a “one size fits all” method and have it work on all women. The behavioral difference is just too radical.

But when you get to know each woman as an individual, know her motivations, you are literally SEEING INSIDE her head.

You certainly can have some success treating all women equally, and get reasonably good, but you will always have blind spots, and holes in your game and you are going to be missing out on some of the women out there. And if your luck is like most guys, the women you miss out on are the women you really want. By tailoring your game to different types of women, and having a flexible approach you are going to reach a far wider market.

This reduces the frustrating guesswork that most men will be left struggling with. You will see this all around you – your friends, random guys in the street or bar, you will see boyfriends and husbands making HUGE mistakes that you would have a simple, intuitive solution for.

You will see women, and realize that YES they are driven by emotions – but the blueprint of her emotions and behaviors will be completely logical and linear. They will become mindlessly predictable.

Getting lucky becomes a thing of the past.

This understanding, as I have realized in the past few months – is the real key to finally creating a real bond one based on love and understanding – the kind that you read about in romance novels and see in movies starring Hugh Grant.

Now, in the next section we’re going to talk about the different behaviors that go along with the conflict strategies.

As you listen to me describe the different behaviors, it might be useful to think back to women who you’ve dated, or perhaps women that were a challenge to you, and try and see if you can figure out which type she was.

If it’s difficult at first, don’t worry. The more experience you have using this system, the faster you will be able to classify women and know EXACTLY how to seduce them.

I’m sure you’ve already had some light bulbs go off in relation to women you already know, because this system is dead accurate.

Now we’re going to open PANDORAS BOX.

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