The Cinderella (iNvestor – Justifier – Idealist)

Personality Profile


What’s interesting about the Cinderella type is that she is likely exceptionally beautiful and dresses in a way that is sexy, revealing, but always classy and mature. She is a head-turner, and she knows what she is doing. She wants to be as attractive as possible so she can snag a great catch of a man.

If she does not have a man, she is looking for one. The irony is that often the Cinderella is single. Adding another layer of irony is that most guys assume she has a boyfriend because of her good looks, sexual-yet-classy style, and extreme feminine energy.

But the Cinderella is often the victim of repeated heartbreak. She wears her heart on her sleeve and lives in a world of hopes and ideals. She doesn’t put up any walls to sleeping with a man if she likes him. To her, it makes perfect sense to sleep with a man if she is secure that he’s not going to run off. She is very passionate and heats up fast. Often this passion gets her into trouble, because she is prone to sweet talk and will let her emotions cloud her need to sort and pick the best man for the long run.

If you can demonstrate that you have long-term potential, and you know how to arouse a woman sexually, you will do well with Cinderella. If you are timid sexually, or you appear dishonest about liking her as a person first, she will cut her losses fast.

The Cinderella needs passion and hope for the future.

Her Desires

The Cinderella is looking for a combination of strength and sensitivity in a man. She is less concerned with an exciting lifestyle or social dominance. She responds powerfully to the strong silent type. She won’t take it for granted when you reveal your hopes, fears, dreams and insecurities.

Just don’t get more emotional or insecure than she is. She needs to feel a deeper strength underneath your vulnerabilities.

As an iNvestor, she is looking for something long-term. This doesn’t mean she can’t be a casual sex-buddy. In fact, if you can perpetually create the perception that your friendship could bud into something more serious, she will have no problem sleeping with you without getting clingy.

She is a great girlfriend because she loves to have sex. She is extremely sexual and will almost always be up for it. Your biggest challenge is

in conveying that you aren’t with her just for sex. That will be a major reason for why you like her so much, but you must must must convey that your primary reason for being with her is how feminine she is, and how connected you feel to her.

How She Gets What She Wants

Her strategy for finding a guy changes depending on the time of the month, and what she’s going through in her life at that time. She is either sitting at home on Saturday night, or she is that girl in the club that every guy is looking at but is scared to talk to.

When she is in a proactive mood, she will dress sexy and attract as many bees to her honeypot as she can. She will then weed through and try to find the guy that has the most boyfriend-potential. She is looking for chemistry and a genuine interest in who she is as a person.

To the Cinderella, sex is like the conversation that keeps the relationship going. It’s not a big deal – it’s natural, fun, and feels good. But it has to be with the right guy – not someone who’s going to treat her like a conquest and move on to the next woman. She can only let go with a guy she feels will stick around.

The Cinderella has an old-fashioned perspective on gender roles. She expects the man to pay for dates, at least at first, and she imagines herself being a homemaker when she finds the right man to settle down with.

She is less concerned with status and achievement. She is a nurturer, and contributes to her loved ones through emotional support and love.

Applied Technique (using 3-Function Analysis)



The best way to approach the Cinderella type is to be direct, honest, even self-effacing. I have a personal bias for this type, and I have great success simply telling her that she is so cute I can’t even think straight when I look at her. Any variation on this – where you are being honest and direct, but not cocky or aggressive – is just the right mix to capture her attention.

A genuine compliment works great, but a generic “you look hot” is too generic. Don’t come off “player-ish.” Make her think you picked her specifically out of the crowd.


Immediately after breaking the ice, ask her questions about her life, and relate with your own experiences. Keep a nice balance of give and take, and keep your focus on how she thinks and feels about the topic. Don’t get caught in logical facts – her Idealist side gets bored with that. Focus on what makes her tick, and show her what makes you tick. This appeals to her iNvestor strategy of finding a guy that wants to get to know her over the long-term.


This woman gets turned on by talking about sex, and loves a man who can match her in passion. She embraces a guy who knows how to turn her on mentally, before she gets physical. To really engage this woman, you must incorporate an element of sexuality in your conversation.

Obviously it’s good to do this within a couple minutes.

Use innuendo to create sexual tension. Ask her to tell you one of her secret spots where she likes to be kissed. Ask her if she likes to have her hair grabbed. Tell her you like how smooth her skin is and how you like touching her. When you ask her about her hobbies and interests, phrase it this way: “so what excites you? What are you passionate about?”


Body Language

Strong eye contact is important, but don’t invade her personal space initially. When you get the sense that she is interested, close the space and create a bubble around the two of you with your focus.

A great way to do excite her is by tracing her neckline with your eyes – look at all the little spots you want to kiss her along her shoulders and neck. Do this as she talks, and then always return to her eyes.


Light touching on her arm or lower back is a good move at the beginning. Let her know you are sexual, sensual, and know how to touch a woman. This is very attractive and arousing.

As the interaction progresses, be really sensual. Trace your fingertips on the insides of arm. Stroke her hair. Hold her hands gently while you stand face to face and look into her eyes.

If you are dancing, move slow – at half-speed. Make her feel like you and she are in a different world than everyone else.


Sexually, it’s good to get a little wild at first. She is sexually experienced, so you must separate yourself and not be boring. Get a little kinky, especially with foreplay. Give her great oral, and explore every detail of her body.

Start with missionary, but then switch to doggystyle. Pull her hair and spank her, lightly at first. Don’t get too crazy with the dirty talk. Tell her she’s sexy and she drives you crazy. Tell her you can’t get enough of her.

Keep the sex passionate – full of lust, variety, and make her feel submissive. You must take control and show her how much she turns you on. As long as there is an underlying appreciation for her, you can get really wild and kinky.

When she pushes her limits and tries new things with you, she feels closer to you, because it is an adventure you are going through together.

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