Redefining the Goal

Redefining Total Devotion

This system is TOTALLY unique because it has the most ambitious goal ever – getting complete and total devotion from a woman – whatever
woman you choose.

Defining the goal was a real challenge. There were a couple different possibilities, and the initial ones that we considered just didn’t seem powerful enough.

The first obvious goal was sex. After all, most guys want to have more sex, and that’s the goal for 90% of the guys that go out to pick up women.

And while having sex with a woman is sometimes a challenge, it doesn’t guarantee long term commitment from her in the modern age. It might have worked in 1922 but not now!

In our research we’ve found no less than a dozen women who have numbers in the triple digits! That’s right many women have had sex with a hundred men or more!)

But even if you consider a girl who has had 30 partners, that’s still a lot.

Now imagine that you successfully sleep with a woman who has had many partners….

Is sleeping with her going to guarantee anything? Is she going to be your girlfriend?

No! You’re not going to make any more impression than a customer ordering a hamburger at McDonalds. Over a hundred billion served. Your burger doesn’t change the overall economy of the McDonalds franchise.

So clearly, sex is not the ultimate goal.

The next goal we considered was falling in love. If you could get a woman to fall in love, you’ve won the game, right?


Very young or inexperienced women fall in love INCREDIBLY easy. This is especially true if they have not dated any real players yet.

And guess what – if she’s inexperienced – she can be quick to fall in love, but also quick to fall out of love, or even worse – quick to fall in love with someone else!

So after we really thought about it – we defined the goal of the Pandora’s Box System as TOTAL DEVOTION – From any woman, no matter how old she is, what race she is, how much experience she has, how many other guys are chasing her, and of course how hot she is.

And by total devotion I mean that she is willing to give up her current life plans, and devote her entire being to supporting you on your journey.

You will get her bending over backwards, going to ridiculous lengths to be by your side, supporting you, and making you her first priority above everything else, including her family.

So not only will you get the normal things that most guys want – like picking her up, getting her to be responsive to your calls, getting her to have sex with you whenever you want – but you’ll also be able to take the relationship much further.

For example if you want a woman to make breakfast for you every morning, iron your clothes, and does errands to make your life easier, and gives you that real feeling of YEAH this girl would do ANYTHING for me. The Pandora’s Box System is the only Surefire way of getting that to happen. And in fact that is exactly how Matt, one of the first guys to learn this system, how his girlfriend treats him now.

The Pandora’s Box System is a very accurate model of how the female mind works. That is why it can be applied to any woman.

A man could take the most hardened, street-wise high dollar strippers and make them purr like tame, submissive little kittens.

Or he could take the most sheltered, religious girl and turn her into a wild animal in bed, getting her to completely abandon all social programming

The key is to knowing her type and applying the CORRECT strategy. Things like disloyalty, her cheating on you, rejection, her flirting with other guys, losing interest, getting in arguments, all comes from the using the wrong strategy for her type. This problem has now been solved.

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